Frank Margolis

I was surprised to learn that Aldo is approaching retirement. How could that be? It seems only a few years ago that I first made his acquaintance. Then I stopped to reflect and realized that it was actually a quarter of a century ago. In that time he has been a colleague, a friend and an inspiration. He has identified and trained a cadre of talented young scientists and fostered their development into mature scientists. Whenever Aldo recommended that one of his students take a sojourn in my lab I eagerly seized the opportunity. I knew it would be a smart, hard-working, creative young scientist who would contribute to my lab and make the science flourish and generate many publications. Equally important was my conviction that it would be an individual who would be a delight to work with and with whom I would develop a long-term friendship. All of this is a reflection of, and a credit to, Aldo as a scientist and a person.

Whenever I see Aldo at a scientific meeting it is as though we were together just last week. It is always a warm, enveloping interaction. As a result, whenever Joyce or I have the opportunity to visit Italy, Torino is a key place for us to visit, as we know we will have a warm welcome from Aldo and Paula and all the colleagues and friends made through our interactions over the years.

Joyce and I regret not being able to be present at this auspicious event honoring Aldo and recognizing his many contributions. We are there in spirit and wish to convey our very best wishes to him in support of whatever new adventures he anticipates.